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Chlorination and disinfection

Cold water storage tank disinfection 

Using various approved chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine Dioxide & Silver Hydrogen Peroxide Sweetbriar Ltd are able to provide various disinfection solutions for not only contaminated water tanks but as part of the clients ongoing water hygiene maintenance regime. 

BS8558:2015, PD855468:2015, HSE ACoP L8 BS ISO 5667-24:2016

Injected water main disinfection 

Chlorination and disinfection of ‘new self lay water mains’ including all relevant testing, swabbing and microbiological sampling to local water authority specification. 

Local Water Authority specification
BS8558:2015, PD 855468:2015 UKAS

Injected building water supply disinfection 

Chlorination and disinfection service supplied for all new build water system installations ranging from pivate dwellings to schools, Health Centres and all other types of commercial premises. We supply our clients with flexible dates of work commencement to fit in around the project completion dates.

BS8558:2015, PD855468:2015, client specifications

Ultraviolet light systems 

Installation commissioning and servicing of UV systems when required or advised for our clients premises.

Fixed dosing units 

Installation, commissioning and servicing of dosing units when bacterial control is a challenge or when specified by clients. Sweetbriar Ltd is able to provide various different designs of dosing equipment that meet the designated system requirements.

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