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Closed system water treatment

Chemical cleaning, descaling, dosing and treatment of new and existing ‘closed systems’ also known as ‘closed loop’ pipework – heating systems – chilled water systems – to BSRIA specification and application guides. 

In simple terms a closed circuit or closed loop water system is a pipework design that enables water to be circulated for either heating or cooling purposes in domestic ,industrial or commercial premises.The intention of the design is to retain the same water in a system for an indefinite period which means that over the life of the system the water will degrade and so will the system. Without an effective water treatment programme corrosion products, foulants and slime forming bacteria can build up in the system. The components of the system will become blocked or decay resulting in a reduction in heat transfer issues and a lot of expense.

Regular closed system water treatment and management will prolong the life and increase efficiency of all plant, machinery/ distribution circulation.

Water treatment: project planning  

Sweetbriar Ltd provide the client with support and advise on the best possible closed system cleaning and treatment solutions for new projects. We work closely with system designers to ensure the best specification practices are produced for any project. Working to BSRIA BG guides such as BG50/2013.

Regular ongoing maintenance, system checks and dosing 

Sweetbriar Ltd provide the client with ongoing support after project completion and also with ongoing maintenance regimes required to maintain a closed system. This will include monitoring regimes as per BS8552:2012 and re-treatment top ups.

Existing closed system cleaning and renovation 

For existing closed systems or partial refurbishment of systems for example plant-room refurbishment Sweetbriar Ltd will provide a full treatment package bespoke to the system to achieve the best results.

Pre-commission cleaning   

Working along side our disinfection department Sweetbriar Ltd provide full system cleaning and treatment for all new projects ensuring all specification requirments are satisfied. Working to BSRIA  application guides ( such as BR29/2012) , British Standards and CIBSE recommendations whilst ensure all environmental and discharge aspects are addressed.

Onsite system analysis 

Our experienced engineers are always on hand for reactive spot-checks system analysis. These can be either for a general system check as part of the maintenance regime or for bespoke adhoc services. Our pre commissioning engineers carry the most up to date equipment to ensure that onsite results are accurate and reliable.

Laboratory analysis 

Our UKAS approved laboratory is there for any water chemistry or bacteriological analysis that is required by the client or project specifications.

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