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Pumping systems

Boosted cold water pumping systems, pressurisation units and circulators 

Providing back up and support in regards to maintaining and servicing our clients water booster pumps. We provide support 365 days a year, 24/7 our engineers are highly trained in not only maintaining and servicing pump sets but also the bacterial risk and control in water pumping systems. 

Mains cold water booster set – installation and servicing

Sweetbriar Ltd understand the importance of servicing and maintaining booster pumps. We have been doing this work for many years across the UK and have now incoroporated Legionella checks which are considered important for the fullfilling the clients statutory legal obligations. Booster set service maintenance is vital as it not only helps to prolong the life of the pump but also ensures the smooth running of your booster set. Sweetbriar Ltd offer cost effective service contracts and believe our service methods (which include fail checks that can result in the proliferation of Legionella bacteria) are a lot more thorough than the majority of our competitors.

Pressure vessel maintenance and flushing in line with HSG 274 

Both pressure vessels and expansion vessels have had a lot of recent exposure in the water industry where it was determind that there was a potential for the membrane within vessels to harbour Legionella bacteria. Sweetbriar Ltd played an important role in the research and advice that resulted in this equipment being included in HSE ACoP L8.

Being the market leaders for establishing Legionella risks in booster equipment we feel that we can provide the customer with a much more thorough service. There are a lot of water hygiene companies out there that have no knowledge of boosters sets and a lot of booster set companies that have no knowledge of water hygiene or Legionella control. This sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to give the best service possible to the client.  Pressure vessel flushing and all HSE ACoP L8/HTM requirements for mains supplied boosters sets. 

Mains water booster set refurbishment and 24/7 breakdown cover

As with all mechanical parts there is always a chance of equipment breakdown or failure, we have a team of engineers on hand to attened any booster set emergency call or breakdown at any time of the day or night throughout the UK.

Circulators – servicing and commissioning 

Working alongside our water treatment engineers our pump engineers are able to provide a full service and maintenance package tailoured to the clients need. Our engineers are able to ensure not only the closed water system has favourable water chemistry but also that the pumps are running to full efficiency and are operating as they should do.

Agua-Boost: home booster set

Supply, Installation and maintenance of Home Booster sets along with filtration for improving your water quality. 

This product is manufactured in Spain, using an Italian pump components and available as one of the most economical home boosters on the market. Ideal for properties that experience poor water pressure.

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