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Water hygiene training

There is a requirement for people who are responsible for the upkeep of buildings to be well informed and trained on various different compliance subjects. Under general health and safety law, as an employer or person in control of a premises (eg a landlord), you have health and safety responsibilities and you need to take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk of exposure to Legionella. 

Details of the specific law that applies to this can be found in part 1 of the Approved Code of Practice and guidance: Legionnaires disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems

So, what if you read the guidance and none of it makes sense? What if you find you need certain areas or details explained? Perhaps you are asking yourself: is this water system a risk? Who can help me understand this water system or my obligations to ensure the risk is reduced for this water?

Sweetbriar Ltd have designed several training programs to help you answer these questions. These training courses can be at delivered at our office in Chandlers Ford, Southampton or we can travel to your site and carry out the training at your premises.


Basic Legionella awareness

Understand the basic principles of Legionella control, where the bacteria comes from, the history, the infection, the causal chain, and the control. 

Ideal as an introduction to legionella control and responsibilities.

Course code: BLA

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Block management Legionella risks

Building water system designs: communal hot and cold water – booster pump sets and the associated risks, hidden underground pods – risers, sprinkler systems.

Course code: BMLR

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Inspection and monitoring

Carrying out HSG 274 table 2.1 tasks. From flushing and temperature monitoring to descaling, disinfection and logbook completion, record keeping both classroom and practical demonstration training.

Course code: IAM

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Bespoke training setting up a water safety group and managing the process

The Legionella risk assessment has been carried out and sent to you, but, what do you do with it? How do you allocate responsibilities? How do you ensure the competency of the people carrying out those tasks? Bring your risk assessment team to the course.

Course code: BWHT

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These courses have been specifically developed to meet the needs of candidates at non-technical level further technically advanced courses can be provided on request.


24 years’ experience in the industry

11 Years’ experience as a Legionella Risk assessor and consultant

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